What is Evidence Collection?

Evidence collection is the crucial knowledge that may help incident res-ponders in understanding the process of attack and tracing the attacker. Therefore, the incident res-ponders ought to apprehend where they will find the proof and the way to collect it.This section discusses about collecting and protective proof, assembling physical evidence, handling powered on computers, handling powered off computers, handling networked computers, handling open files and startup files, operating system closure procedure, and aggregation proof from […]


A Need for Tactics, Techniques & Procedures

The terms “tactics, techniques, and procedures” refer to the patterns of activities and ways related to specific threat actors or teams of threat actors. TTPs are useful in analyzing threats and identification threat actors and may more be wont to strengthen the protection infrastructure of a corporation. The word “tactics” is outlined as a tenet that describes the approach associate assailant performs the attack from starting to the top. The word “techniques” is outlined as […]


What is Cyber Kill Chain? and it’s 7 Phases

The Cyber kill chain is an economical associated effective approach of illustrating however an opponent will attack the target organization. This model helps organizations perceive varied threats potential at each stage of associate attack and counter measures to be taken to defend against such attacks. Also, this model provides analysts with a transparent insight into the attack strategy employed by the resister so that different levels of security controls will be enforced shield the IT […]


Cyber Threat Actors

Threat actors or malicious actor is outlined as an entity that’s utterly or partly liable for an incident that may influence the safety of an organization’s network. in contrast to hacker or attacker, it’s not necessary for the Threat actor to possess technical skills. Threat actors can be an individual or a company, having an intention to hold out an event which will have a malicious or benign result on the security of an organization’s […]


Adversary activity Identification

Adversary activity Identification behavioral involves the activity identification of common ways or techniques followed by an soul to launch attacks to penetrate an organization’s network. Activity Identification offers an insight to the protection analysts on coming threats and exploits .It helps them in coming up with the network security infrastructure and adapting numerous security procedures as hindrance against varied cyber-attacks. Given below area unit a number of the behaviors of an soul, which may be […]


Generation of Threat Intelligence

Generation of Threat intelligence signifies the mix of data description potential threats and also the correct knowledge and understanding of organization’s network structure, operations, and activities. It’s usually described by loCs or threat feeds, which give evidence-based data concerning associate organization’s distinctive threat landscape. To get this evidence-based data that’s employed by network defenders, the Generation of Threat Intelligence feeds that contain data on the techniques and indicators ought to be contextualized by verification it […]


Intelligence-Led Security Testing

Intelligence-Led Security Testing approaches don’t seem to be enough for the organizations to defend against the evolving cyber threat landscape. The organizations have to be compelled to extract the cyber threat intelligence (CT I) that uncovers each famous and unknown threats; thereby they’ll implement a additional sturdy defensive mechanism. what is more, organizations have to be compelled to perform intelligence LED security testing rather than standard security testing approaches. Intelligence security testing provides discourse intelligence […]


Cyber Threat Intelligence Requirements

Cyber Threat Intelligence Requirements is Defining and setting up the requirements is the first task that must be accomplished before spending the resources and time on collecting any type of intelligence information. Development of a set of requirements assists the security analysts in the following: -Profile and monitor the threat actors targeting the organization.-Collect the useful intelligence information based on the organization’s attack surface.-Understand the type of TTPs used by threat actors to exploit vulnerabilities […]


Top Categories Indicators of Compromise

Top Categories Indicators of Compromise cyber security professionals have to be compelled to have correct data regarding numerous potential threat attacks and their techniques associated with cyber threats principally known as indicators of Compromise (loCs). This understanding of loCs helps analysts quickly find the threats coming into the organization and shield the organization from evolving threats. For this purpose, loCs are divided into four classes as given below: Email Indicators Attackers typically like email services […]


Advanced Persistent Threat Life-cycle

Threat Life-cycle landscape, organizations ought to concentrate a lot of on AP threat life-cycle. Advanced persistent threats could target organization’s IT assets, money assets, holding, and name. The ordinarily used security and defensive controls won’t do to stop and defend from such attacks. Attackers behind such attacks adapt their TTPs supported the vulnerabilities and security posture of the target organization. It helps attackers evade the protection controls of the target organization. Associate in nursing understanding […]