Variety of important anti-forensic techniques

Anti-forensic techniques are the act ions and anti-forensic techniques that hinder the forensic investigation method therefore on shield the attackers and perpetrators. These techniques act against the investigation technique like discover particle, collect particle, and analysis is of proof files and sidetrack the incident responders. Anti-forensic techniques that embody deletion and over writing processes, to boot facilitate to substantiate the confidentiality of knowledge by reducing the flexibility to browse it. Attackers use these techniques to […]


A Need for Tactics, Techniques & Procedures

The terms “tactics, techniques, and procedures” refer to the patterns of activities and ways related to specific threat actors or teams of threat actors. TTPs are useful in analyzing threats and identification threat actors and may more be wont to strengthen the protection infrastructure of a corporation. The word “tactics” is outlined as a tenet that describes the approach associate assailant performs the attack from starting to the top. The word “techniques” is outlined as […]


Cyber Threat Actors

Threat actors or malicious actor is outlined as an entity that’s utterly or partly liable for an incident that may influence the safety of an organization’s network. in contrast to hacker or attacker, it’s not necessary for the Threat actor to possess technical skills. Threat actors can be an individual or a company, having an intention to hold out an event which will have a malicious or benign result on the security of an organization’s […]


Adversary activity Identification

Adversary activity Identification behavioral involves the activity identification of common ways or techniques followed by an soul to launch attacks to penetrate an organization’s network. Activity Identification offers an insight to the protection analysts on coming threats and exploits .It helps them in coming up with the network security infrastructure and adapting numerous security procedures as hindrance against varied cyber-attacks. Given below area unit a number of the behaviors of an soul, which may be […]