what-is-foot printing

What is the Foot-printing?

Foot-printing collect the archived and keep info concerning the target using search engines, social networking sites, and so on. Passive foot printing techniques include: • Finding info through search engines • Finding the ranking Domains (TI-Ds) and sub-domains of a target through internet services • Collecting location info on the target through internet services • Performing individuals search using social networking sites and other people search services • Gathering financial info concerning the target through […]


8 Most Common Types of Hacker Motivations

“Hacker Motivations” is a loose term and has totally different meanings. Usually the term “Hacker Motivations ” is somebody who breaks into PC networks for the happiness. He gets from challenge of doing it or with another intention like stealing information for cash or with political Hacker motivations. Hacker Motivations are classified to differing kinds. a number of them are list below. This observes will either be ethical or unethical. The activity wherever one breaks […]