Top 10 Most Common Types of Cyber Attacks

Cyber Attacks has various categories of information security threats, such as network threats, host threats, and application threats, and various attack vectors, such as viruses, worms, botnets, that might affect an organization’s information security. This section introduces you to the motives, goals, and objectives of information security Cyber Attacks, top information security attack vectors, information security threat categories, and the types of Cyber Attacks on a system Below is a list of information security attack …

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Scope and Limitations of Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking is a structured and organized security assessment, usually as part of a penetration test. Security audit and is a crucial component of risk assessment, and information systems security best practices. It is used to identify risks and highlight remedial actions, and also to reduce Information and Communications Technology (ICT) costs by resolving those vulnerabilities. An ethical hacker should understand the penalties of unauthorized hacking into a system. No ethical hacking activities related to …

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8 Most Common Types of Hacker Motivations

“Hacker Motivations” is a loose term and has totally different meanings. Usually the term “Hacker Motivations ” is somebody who breaks into PC networks for the happiness. He gets from challenge of doing it or with another intention like stealing information for cash or with political Hacker motivations. Hacker Motivations are classified to differing kinds. a number of them are list below. This observes will either be ethical or unethical. The activity wherever one breaks …

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Essential Terminology in Cyber security

Here are some terms and their definition, you must know before you start studying ethical hacking. As cyber security technology grows and expands, so does the vocabulary associated with it. Hack Value: It is the notion among hackers that one thing is price doing or is interesting. Hack value will be a playful disruption. It’s additionally maintenance for the imagination, surprise the far side tedium of living in a client, dominated culture. It crossovers between …

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5 Phases of Hacking

This article explains 5 steps of Hacking phases taking an example of a Hacker trying to hack … for example Reconnaissance, Scanning, Gaining Access, Maintaining Access, Fearing Tracks… In general, there are five Hacking phases: – Reconnaissance – Scanning – Gaining Access – Maintaining Access – Fearing Tracks Hacking Phase: Reconnaissance Reconnaissance refers to the preparatory phase in which an attacker gathers as much information as possible about the target prior to launching the attack. …

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