Different types of tools with Email Foot printing

So far we have discussed foot printing through search engines..foot printing using Google, foot printing through social networking sites, and website foot printing. Now we will discuss email foot printing. This section describes how to track email communications, how to collect information from email headers, and email tracking tools.

Tracking Email Communications

Email tracking monitors the emails of a particular user. This kind of tracking is possible through digitally time stamped records that reveal the time and date when the target receives and opens a specific email. Email tracking tools allows an attacker to collect information such as IP addresses, mail servers, and service provider involved in sending the mail. Attackers can use this information to build a hacking strategy and to perform social engineering and other attacks. Examples of email tracking tools include ervlailTrackerPro, Yesware, Contactrvlonkey and so on.

Information gathered about the victim using email tracking tools:

recipient’s system IP address: Allows to track the recipients IP address
Geo location: Estimates and displays the location of the recipient on the map and may even calculate the distance from the attacker’s location
Email received and Read: Notifies when the email is received and read by the recipient
Read duration: The duration of time spent by the recipient on reading the mail sent by the sender
Proxy detection: Provides information about the type of server used by the recipient
Links: Checks whether the links sent to the recipient through email have been checked
Operating system and Browser information: Reveals information about the operating system and the browser used by the recipient. The attacker can use this information to find loopholes in that version of operating system and browser, in order to launch further attacks
Forward Email: Determines whether the email sent to the user is forwarded to another person
Device Type: Provides information about the type of device used to open and read the email e.g., desktop computer, mobile device, or laptop.Email is one of our main forms of communication in the business world. Learn why email addresses and company directories are coveted target for a hacker. Lisa Bock reviews why it is important to limit your exposure of your company email lists because of Spearfishing, spoofing and identity theft risks.

Secure email by streak

Secure Gmail encrypts and crypts emails you send in Gmail. This happens all on your machine, and the encrypted text never reaches Google servers. This is useful if you don’t want anyone but the intended recipient to ever read your email (i.e. companies, governments, etc.)

How secure is it?

Secure Gmail uses symmetric encryption to encrypt and decry-pt each message. The password is decided by the user and assumes the recipient already knows it. Secure Gmail is only as good as your password, pick an easy to guess password and it will be easy to break. Shared knowledge can be a useful and convenient password. Remember to never email or IM your password for others to intercept.

– Secure Gmail – send encrypted email.
– Enter “Secure” compose mode. Entering secure mode is easy, its right next to the compose button.
-Easy Security. Encrypting your messages are simple, you just need to enter a password that your recipient will know.

Email Tracking Tools

Email tracking tools allow an attacker to track an email and extract information such as sender identity, mail server, sender’s IP address, location and so on. These tools send notifications automatically when the recipients open the mail and gives status information about whether the email was successfully delivered or not. Attackers use the extracted information to attack the target organization’s systems by sending malicious emails.

The following are a few of the most widely used email tracking tools:

• PoliteMail(http://www. polite mail. co rn)
• Yesware(http://mm.yesware. corn)
• Contactrvlonkey(https://contactmonkey.corn)
• Zendio(http://wwwiencliacorn)
• Read Notify (http://vvviIAA recrdnotify.corn)
• DidTheyReadlt(http://www.didtheyreadit. corn)
• Trace Email (http.://w h cWseryiperddress.corr?)
• Email Lookup — Free Email Tracker Or tp://www.pado’ressioccrtion.orgr)
• Pointofmail(https://www.poirgoirnaitcorn)
• WhoReadN1 e (
• GetNotify (http://www.getnotify.corn)
• G- Lock Analytics (https:liglockincrlytics. corn)

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