computer Forensics


Forensics Investigation method of Computer

Forensics Investigation of computer Discussed below, totally different phases of the computer forensics investigation process: Pre-Investigation phase: This phase involves all the tasks performed before the commencement of the actual investigation. It involves setting up a computer forensics laboratory, building a forensics workstation, investigation toolkit, the investigation team, obtaining approval from the relevant authority, and so on. Investigation phase: Considered as the main phase of the computer forensics investigation, it involves acquisition, preservation, and analysis …

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An Introduction of Computer Forensics

Computer forensics plays a vital role within the investigation and prosecution of cyber criminals. the method includes acquisition, inspection, and news of data hold on across computers and networks related to a civil or criminal incident. Incident responders should be properly trained to extract, analyze, report, and investigate cases that involve technology because the source or the victim of a crime.This section discusses computer forensics and its role in incident handling, provides an outline of …

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