Ideal Target State of Map

To Map leverage the benefits of threat intelligence, organizations have to consider many aspects before planning and implementing a threat intelligence program. Most importantly, organizations need to have foundation cyber security capabilities incorporated into the current IT infrastructure, such as configuration management, centralized SIEM capabilities, patch management, advanced malware detection and analysis capability, network activity monitoring controls, incident handling capabilities, and forensic investigation capabilities Map. These capabilities help the organization to utilize threat intelligence to […]


Business Needs and Requirements

Organizations need to consider various business needs and requirements before developing a threat intelligence program. They need to generate a true risk strategy looking beyond traditional data gathering. Considering these factors enables organizations to focus mainly on the most likely threats that affect them and their business practices. Organizations must ensure that all the requirements and needs of the threat intelligence program are satisfied. • Business Unit Needs The following business unit needs and requirements […]


An Overview of knowledge Acquisition

Knowledge acquisition is that the initial pro-active step within the forensic investigation method. The aim of forensic information acquisition is to extract as of knowledge gift on the victim’s fixed disk and build a forensic copy to use it as proof within the court. In some cases, information duplication is preferred rather than information acquisition to gather the information. 1st investigators can even gift the duplicated data in court.This section discusses regarding information acquisition, a […]

What is Evidence Collection?

Evidence collection is the crucial knowledge that may help incident res-ponders in understanding the process of attack and tracing the attacker. Therefore, the incident res-ponders ought to apprehend where they will find the proof and the way to collect it.This section discusses about collecting and protective proof, assembling physical evidence, handling powered on computers, handling powered off computers, handling networked computers, handling open files and startup files, operating system closure procedure, and aggregation proof from […]


A Need for Tactics, Techniques & Procedures

The terms “tactics, techniques, and procedures” refer to the patterns of activities and ways related to specific threat actors or teams of threat actors. TTPs are useful in analyzing threats and identification threat actors and may more be wont to strengthen the protection infrastructure of a corporation. The word “tactics” is outlined as a tenet that describes the approach associate assailant performs the attack from starting to the top. The word “techniques” is outlined as […]


What is Cyber Kill Chain? and it’s 7 Phases

The Cyber kill chain is an economical associated effective approach of illustrating however an opponent will attack the target organization. This model helps organizations perceive varied threats potential at each stage of associate attack and counter measures to be taken to defend against such attacks. Also, this model provides analysts with a transparent insight into the attack strategy employed by the resister so that different levels of security controls will be enforced shield the IT […]


Cyber Threat Actors

Threat actors or malicious actor is outlined as an entity that’s utterly or partly liable for an incident that may influence the safety of an organization’s network. in contrast to hacker or attacker, it’s not necessary for the Threat actor to possess technical skills. Threat actors can be an individual or a company, having an intention to hold out an event which will have a malicious or benign result on the security of an organization’s […]


Threat Intelligence Capabilities

Threat Intelligence Capabilities organizations are keeping their focus on developing an efficient CTI strategy. Although many organizations are aware of the benefits. The Capabilities threat intelligence provide, only a few organizations are integrating Capabilities threat intelligence into their cyber security operations. All organizations cannot possess a better Capabilities threat intelligence strategy; it depends on their capabilities and system requirements. The organizations should possess required capabilities and must have enough system requirements to execute and manage […]


What Do Organizations and Analysts Expect?

Threat Intelligence Organizations and Analysts Expect goes beyond just collecting and analyzing data about threats. The primary purpose of threat intelligence is to acquire more awareness about threats and enhance security to protect the organizations from various cyber attacks. Both organizations and an analyst have an important role in extracting threat intelligence. It is important for any organization to take a timely and accurate intelligence to ensure that it is prepared in case of any […]


What is Identity and Access Management?

Modern enterprises currently need fast, easy and secure access to IT resources, from anywhere and at any time, provided with effective security controls on IT assets that protect from both internal and external threats. Advancement in technologies like loT (Internet of Things), M2M Communication, Bring Your Own Device (HOD) pose a variety of internal and external threats and vulnerabilities to the organizations. Identity and Access Management solutions have become an important part of IT strategic […]