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Sharing Intelligence with a spread of Organizations

Sharing intelligence with various organizations can prove valuable when knowing about adversaries and attacks. so as to fill the knowledge gap about threats, several threat intelligence vendors have also began to accumulate data from various open and proprietary intelligence sources. This has led to growth in organizations willing to share information with other organizations also as within the precise industry. However, it’s also curia to understand what and what to not share as threat intelligence …

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Life Cycle of forensics information in the system

Forensics information in order to efficiently handle the numerous incidents that an organization may come across, it’s essential that the forensic issues be implemented into the existing system life cycle. A few such examples are as given below: • Maintaining a backup of the system on a regular basis• For securing centralized log servers, audit reports should be forwarded by auditing the workstations, servers, and network devices• Configure mission-critical applications for auditing• Maintaining a database …

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Forensics Investigation method of Computer

Forensics Investigation of computer Discussed below, totally different phases of the computer forensics investigation process: Pre-Investigation phase: This phase involves all the tasks performed before the commencement of the actual investigation. It involves setting up a computer forensics laboratory, building a forensics workstation, investigation toolkit, the investigation team, obtaining approval from the relevant authority, and so on. Investigation phase: Considered as the main phase of the computer forensics investigation, it involves acquisition, preservation, and analysis …

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What is Information Security & types of Security policies

Security policies form the foundation of a security infrastructure. Data security policy defines the fundamental security needs and rules to be implemented so as to protect and secure organization’s data systems. While not them, it’s attainable} to protect the corporate from possible lawsuits, lost revenue, and bad publicity, to not mention the fundamental security attacks. A security policy could be a high-level document or set of documents that describes, in detail, the safety controls to …

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