Forensic Readiness an Overview

Forensic Readiness In the current situation, protecting vital IT assets from varied cyber security attacks by means that of various technical and security procedures isn’t comfortable. Organizations got to be ready to thwart the evolving cyber security threats. Forensic readiness helps organizations to boost this cyber security posture, cut back the impact caused thanks to security incidents, and facilitate security professionals in demonstrating that economical and effective security measures are taken to shield vital IT […]


Securing the Crime Scene

Securing the Crime Scene first responders should guarantee safety of all the people at the crime scene further as defend the integrity of the proof. Once inbound at the location, the first responders should move to the scene of the incident and establish the victim devices, networks, so on and mark a fringe. Some of the best practices to secure the crime scene include: • Follow customary procedures and policies of the legal authority whereas […]


Forensic Readiness planning

Forensic readiness planning refers to a set of processes required to achieve and maintain forensic readiness. It is the process of building a structure that enables an organization to deal with legal procedures, following a criminal offense. This structure equips the organization to properly deal with incidents and evidence, while covering every side of the criminal procedure. The following steps describe the key activities in rhetorical readiness planning: Identify the potential evidence required for an […]


An Introduction of Computer Forensics

Computer forensics plays a vital role within the investigation and prosecution of cyber criminals. the method includes acquisition, inspection, and news of data hold on across computers and networks related to a civil or criminal incident. Incident responders should be properly trained to extract, analyze, report, and investigate cases that involve technology because the source or the victim of a crime. This section discusses computer forensics and its role in incident handling, provides an outline […]


Enhancing Incident Response by Establishing SOPs

Enhancing Incident Response by Establishing SOPs threat intelligence usually consists of indicator of threats such as IP addresses, URLs, domain names, malware hashes, and filenames. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) play an important role in improving incident response. When it involves up cyber incident response, security groups will learn a valuable lesson from the military regarding the importance of normal in operation procedures. “ SOPs ” document prescribed strategies for completing associate activity or responding to […]


Variety of important anti-forensic techniques

Anti-forensic techniques are the act ions and anti-forensic techniques that hinder the forensic investigation method therefore on shield the attackers and perpetrators. These techniques act against the investigation technique like discover particle, collect particle, and analysis is of proof files and sidetrack the incident responders. Anti-forensic techniques that embody deletion and over writing processes, to boot facilitate to substantiate the confidentiality of knowledge by reducing the flexibility to browse it. Attackers use these techniques to […]


What is Pyramid of Pain ? & It’s types

All loCs are not created with the same value as some hold much more importance in comparison to other loCs . Pyramid of pain represents the types of indicators that the analyst must look out to detect the activities of an adversary as well as the amount of pain that the adversary needs to adapt to pivot and continue with the attack even whenthe indicators at each level are being denied. Pyramid of pain consists […]


An Overview of knowledge Acquisition

Knowledge acquisition is that the initial pro-active step within the forensic investigation method. The aim of forensic information acquisition is to extract as of knowledge gift on the victim’s fixed disk and build a forensic copy to use it as proof within the court. In some cases, information duplication is preferred rather than information acquisition to gather the information. 1st investigators can even gift the duplicated data in court.This section discusses regarding information acquisition, a […]


A Need for Tactics, Techniques & Procedures

The terms “tactics, techniques, and procedures” refer to the patterns of activities and ways related to specific threat actors or teams of threat actors. TTPs are useful in analyzing threats and identification threat actors and may more be wont to strengthen the protection infrastructure of a corporation. The word “tactics” is outlined as a tenet that describes the approach associate assailant performs the attack from starting to the top. The word “techniques” is outlined as […]


What is Cyber Kill Chain? and it’s 7 Phases

The Cyber kill chain is an economical associated effective approach of illustrating however an opponent will attack the target organization. This model helps organizations perceive varied threats potential at each stage of associate attack and counter measures to be taken to defend against such attacks. Also, this model provides analysts with a transparent insight into the attack strategy employed by the resister so that different levels of security controls will be enforced shield the IT […]