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Life Cycle of forensics information in the system

Forensics information in order to efficiently handle the numerous incidents that an organization may come across, it’s essential that the forensic issues be implemented into the existing system life cycle. A few such examples are as given below: • Maintaining a backup of the system on a regular basis• For securing centralized log servers, audit reports should be forwarded by auditing the workstations, servers, and network devices• Configure mission-critical applications for auditing• Maintaining a database …

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Forensic Readiness an Overview

Forensic Readiness In the current situation, protecting vital IT assets from varied cyber security attacks by means that of various technical and security procedures isn’t comfortable. Organizations got to be ready to thwart the evolving cyber security threats. Forensic readiness helps organizations to boost this cyber security posture, cut back the impact caused thanks to security incidents, and facilitate security professionals in demonstrating that economical and effective security measures are taken to shield vital IT …

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An Overview of knowledge Acquisition

Knowledge acquisition is that the initial pro-active step within the forensic investigation method. The aim of forensic information acquisition is to extract as of knowledge gift on the victim’s fixed disk and build a forensic copy to use it as proof within the court. In some cases, information duplication is preferred rather than information acquisition to gather the information. 1st investigators can even gift the duplicated data in court.This section discusses regarding information acquisition, a …

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What is Evidence Collection?

Evidence collection is the crucial knowledge that may help incident responders in understanding the process of attack and tracing the attacker. Therefore, the incident responders ought to apprehend where they will find the proof and the way to collect it.This section discusses about collecting and protective proof, assembling physical evidence, handling powered on computers, handling powered off computers, handling networked computers, handling open files and startup files, operating system closure procedure, and aggregation proof from …

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What is Cyber Kill Chain? and it’s 7 Phases

The Cyber kill chain is an economical associated effective approach of illustrating however an opponent will attack the target organization. This model helps organizations perceive varied threats potential at each stage of associate attack and counter measures to be taken to defend against such attacks. Also, this model provides analysts with a transparent insight into the attack strategy employed by the resister so that different levels of security controls will be enforced shield the IT …

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Cyber -Threat-Intelligence

Benefits of Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber threat intelligence has become a necessity for several organizations. Organizations use threat intelligence to stop and shield their IT infrastructure from numerous internal and external threats. Threat intelligence conjointly helps organizations establish numerous cyber risks that have an effect on their business. distinguishing these risks beforehand helps organizations take defensive measures to mitigate the risks. Properly applied CTI program helps within the following: – Providing bigger insight into cyber threats– Preventing knowledge loss by …

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Top vulnerability scanning tools

Scanning tools scan and establish live hosts, open ports, running services on a target network, location-info, Net Bios info and information about all TCP/IP, UDP open ports. data obtained from these scanning tools Scan assist Associate in Nursing moral hacker in making the profile of the target organization and to scan the network for open ports of the devices connected. • Nmap   Nmap may be a security scanner for network exploration and hacking. It …

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What is SNMP Enumeration?

This section describes SNMP enumeration, information extracted via SNMP enumeration, and various. SNMP enumeration tools used to enumerate user accounts and devices on a target system. Simple Network Management Protocol is an application layer protocol that runs on UDP and maintains and manages routers, hubs, and switches on an IP network. SNMP agents run on Windows and UNIX networks on networking devices. SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is an application layer protocol that uses UDP …

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footprinting- Penetration-Testing

Top 12 steps for Foot printing Penetration Testing

So far, we’ve got mentioned the mandatory techniques and tools that may be used to footprint Penetration a target organization’s network. Penetration testing (or pen testing) refers to the method of testing the organization’s security posture using similar techniques and tools as that of an attacker, however with the information and approval of the organization. Foot printing is that the first step to perform within the Penetration testing method. Activity foot printing {in adjuring in …

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Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence is a process that involves the gathering, analyzing, and distribution of information about products, customers, competitors, and technologies using the Internet. The information that is gathered can help managers and executives of a company make strategic decisions. This section is about competitive intelligence gathering, and sources of valuable information. Competitive Intelligence Gathering Competitive intelligence gathering is the process of identifying, gathering, analyzing, verifying, and using information about your competitors from resources such as …

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