Web Server Attacks

The Web Server Attacks which is  attacker can use many techniques to compromise a web server such as DoS/DDoS, DNS server hijacking, DNS amplification, directory traversal, Man-in-the-Middle (MITM)/sniffing, phishing, website defacement, web server misconfiguration, HTTP response splitting, web cache poisoning, SSH brute force, web server password cracking, and so on. This section describes these possible attacks in detail. Web Server Attack Module is part of Certified Ethical Hacker training at Infosavvy – We look at the …

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dos and ddos-infosavvy

Concepts of Denial-of-Service Attack & Distributed Denial of Service Attack

For better understanding of Denial-of-Service Attack & Distributed Denial of Service (DoS/DDoS) attacks, one must be familiar with their concepts beforehand. This module discusses about what a DoS attack is, what a DDoS attack is, and how the DDoS attacks work. What is a Denial-of-Service Attack? DoS is an attack on a computer or network that reduces, restricts, or prevents accessibility of system resources to its legitimate users. In a DOS attack, attackers flood a …

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Adversary activity Identification

Adversary activity Identification behavioral involves the activity identification of common ways or techniques followed by an soul to launch attacks to penetrate an organization’s network. Activity Identification offers an insight to the protection analysts on coming threats and exploits .It helps them in coming up with the network security infrastructure and adapting numerous security procedures as hindrance against varied cyber-attacks. Also Read:- Top DNS Interrogation ToolsRelated Product:- Certified Ethical Hacker | CEH Certification Given below area …

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What is Enumeration?

Enumeration is the process of extracting user names, machine names, network resources, shares, and services from a system or network. In the enumeration phase, the attacker creates active connections with system and performs directed queries to gain more information about the target. The attackers use the information collected by means of enumeration to identify the vulnerabilities or weak points in the system security, which helps them exploit the target system. It allows the attacker to …

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Foot printing tools

Attackers are aided in foot printing with the help of various tools. Many organizations offer that make information gathering an easy task. This section describe stools intended for obtaining information from various sources. Foot printing tools are used to collect basic information about the target systems in order to Exploit them. Information collected by the foot printing tools contain target’s IP location information, routing information, business information, address, phone number and social security number, details …

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Top DNS Interrogation Tools

The DNS lookup tools retrieve the DNS records for a specific domain or host name. These too s retrieve data like domains and IP addresses, domain Whois records, DNS records, and network Whois record. Professional Toolset Professional Toolset assists IT professionals with troubleshooting, managing, and configuring the domain and email.Professional Toolset includes Domain/WWW tools, IP tools, Networking tools, and Email tools that assist with:• DNS troubleshooting, management and watching• Network administration and troubleshooting• Email troubleshooting …

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Top 12 steps for Foot printing Penetration Testing

Top 12 steps for Foot printing Penetration Testing so far, we’ve got mentioned the mandatory techniques and tools that may be used to footprint Penetration a target organization’s network. Penetration testing (or pen testing) refers to the method of testing the organization’s security posture using similar techniques and tools as that of an attacker, however with the information and approval of the organization. Foot printing is that the first step to perform within the Penetration …

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