Web Server Security Tools

This section describes common web server security tools that keep an internet server secure from possible attacks, These tools scan for vulnerabilities during a target server and web applications, send alerts on hacking attempts, scan for malware within the web server, and perform more security assessment activities. Web server security is the protection of information assets that can be accessed from a Web server. Web server security is important for any organization that has a physical or virtual Web server connected to the Internet. Web site security logs should be audited on a …

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Web Server Attacks

The Web Server Attacks which is  attacker can use many techniques to compromise a web server such as DoS/DDoS, DNS server hijacking, DNS amplification, directory traversal, Man-in-the-Middle (MITM)/sniffing, phishing, website defacement, web server misconfiguration, HTTP response splitting, web cache poisoning, SSH brute force, web server password cracking, and so on. This section describes these possible attacks in detail. Web Server Attack Module is part of Certified Ethical Hacker training at Infosavvy – We look at the …

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Top cyber security certifications of 2020 in India

Top cyber security certifications Top cyber security certifications of 2020 in India on this topic we’ll discuss in this article  like Cyber Security Certifications, their benefits, prerequisites, cost and average salaries of various Cyber Security roles intimately all things will comes in Top cyber security certifications of 2020 in India. Nowadays in our world, the technology is rising so much that every other person has at least one or two devices such as phones, laptops, computers, etc. and …

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