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Roles of First Responder in computer forensics

Roles of First Responder in computer forensics in this article explain which of the first responder and there roles  responsibiliteies . Roles of First Responder A first responder plays an important role in the computer forensics process because he or she is the first person who arrives at the crime scene for initial investigation. The investigation process starts after collecting all the evidence from the crime scene. If the evidence collected by the first responder …

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Types of Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence Types of Threat intelligence is discourse information that describes threats and guides organizations in taking numerous business selections. it’s extracted from an enormous assortment of sources and data. It provides operational insight by looking outside the organization and issue alerts on evolving threats to the organization. For the higher management of knowledge that’s collected from totally different sources, it’s necessary to subdivide threat intelligence into differing types. This subdivision is performed supported the …

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Enhancing Incident Response by Establishing SOPs

Enhancing Incident Response by Establishing SOPs threat intelligence usually consists of indicator of threats such as IP addresses, URLs, domain names, malware hashes, and filenames. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) play an important role in improving incident response. When it involves up cyber incident response, security groups will learn a valuable lesson from the military regarding the importance of normal in operation procedures. “ SOPs ” document prescribed strategies for completing associate activity or responding to …

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What Is Incident Response Orchestration?

Incident response orchestration can look slightly totally different at each organization. Human component discussed comes into play. As you concentrate on your organization’s incident response plans and compare completely different solutions. That may assist you streamline them. There are a unit some key IR orchestration and automation capabilities you must hunt for. Prioritized Security Alerts: For incident response teams, automatic alarm prioritization reduces the burden of researching alarms singly and focuses security resources where they’re …

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Enterprise Information Security Architecture

Information Security Architecture Enterprise Information Security Architecture is a set of requirements, processes, principles, and models that determine the current And/or future structure and behavior of an organization’s security processes, information security systems, personnel, and organizational sub-units. It ensures that the security architecture and controls are in alignment with the organization’s core goals and strategic direction.Though Enterprise Information Security Architecture deals with information security, it relates more broadly to the security practice of business. Optimization. …

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