Threat Intelligence Lifecycle

Organizations maintain threat intelligence teams to build tips to uncover the emerging threats that increase business risk. The threat intelligence lifecycle forms a basis for the threat intelligence teams to plan and execute tips more efficiently and effectively .This section discusses the threat intelligence lifecycle, maturity model, and frameworks that assist and guide the intelligence teams in building an efficient TIP. It also discusses factors to be considered while buying a threat intelligence solution. Threat …

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Top Cyber security Certifications of 2019 In India

In this article we’ll discuss about Cyber Security Certifications, their benefits, prerequisites, cost and average salaries of various Cyber Security roles intimately . Nowadays in our world, the technology is rising so much that every other person has at least one or two devices such as phones, laptops, computers, etc. and because of that, there are more devices than the actual population. Nowadays people are not that scared about their accidents but are more scared about someone hacking their devices. And …

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