Network Security


Advanced Persistent Threat Life-cycle

Threat Life-cycle landscape, organizations ought to concentrate a lot of on AP threat life-cycle. Advanced persistent threats could target organization’s IT assets, money assets, holding, and name. The ordinarily used security and defensive controls won’t do to stop and defend from such attacks. Attackers behind such attacks adapt their TTPs supported the vulnerabilities and security posture of the target organization. It helps attackers evade the protection controls of the target organization. Associate in nursing understanding …

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Network Security Controls

Network security controls are used to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the network services. These security controls are either technical or administrative safeguards implemented to minimize the security risk. To reduce the risk of a network being compromised, an adequate network security requires implementing a proper combination of network security controls. These network security controls include: Access Control IdentificationAuthenticationAuthorizationAccountingCryptographySecurity Policy These controls help organizations with implementing strategies for addressing network security concerns. The …

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10 Steps to Cyber Security

During this blog, we explain 10 step to cyber security and provide advice on the way to start Risk management regime, Secure configuration, Home and mobile working, Incident management, Malware prevention, Managing user privileges, Monitoring, Network security, etc… “It is only when they go wrong that machines remind you how powerful they are”  – Clive James As technology continues to evolve so also do the opportunities and challenges it provides. We are at a crossroads as we move from …

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