A.8.3 Media Handling

A.8.3 Media Handling Its objective is to Stop unauthorized release, alteration, deletion, or destruction of information contained in the media. A.8.3.1 Management of Removable Media Control- Procedures shall be implemented for the management of removable media in accordance with the classification scheme adopted by the organization. Implementation Guidance- The following guidelines should be considered for the management of removable media: If not needed, the contents of any reusable media that are to be removed from …

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A.8.2.2-Labeling-of-Information- &- A.8.2.3-Handling-of-Assets

A.8.2.2 Labeling of Information & A.8.2.3 Handling of Assets

A.8.2.2 Labeling of Information & A.8.2.3 Handling of Assets is based on ISO in this article these two topic has been explained. A.8.2.2 Labeling of Information Control- A.8.2.2 Labeling of Information In accordance with the information classification scheme adopted by the organization an adequate set of methods for labeling information should be established and implemented. Implementation Guidance- Information labeling procedures need to cover information in physical and electronic formats and its related assets. The labeling …

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A.7.2 During Employment

A.7.2 During Employment Its objective is to make sure that employees and contractors are conscious of and fulfill their information security responsibilities. A.7.2.1 Management Responsibilities Control- Management should mandate all employees and contractors to exercise information security in accordance with established policies and procedures set by the organization. Implementation Guidance- Responsibilities for management should include ensuring employees and contractors are: Are adequately briefed about information security role and responsibilities before given access to confidential information …

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Forensic Readiness an Overview

Forensic Readiness In the current situation, protecting vital IT assets from varied cyber security attacks by means that of various technical and security procedures isn’t comfortable. Organizations got to be ready to thwart the evolving cyber security threats. Forensic readiness helps organizations to boost this cyber security posture, cut back the impact caused thanks to security incidents, and facilitate security professionals in demonstrating that economical and effective security measures are taken to shield vital IT …

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Forensic Readiness planning

Forensic readiness planning refers to a set of processes required to achieve and maintain forensic readiness. It is the process of building a structure that enables an organization to deal with legal procedures, following a criminal offence. This structure equips the organization to properly deal with incidents and evidence while covering every side of the criminal procedure. The following steps describe the key activities in Forensic readiness planning: 1. Identify the potential evidence required for …

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