ISO 27001 Annex : A.9.3 User Responsibilities

ISO 27001 Annex : A.9.3 User Responsibilities Its objective is the Responsibility of users for safeguarding their authentication information. A.9.3.1 Use of Secret Authentication Information Control- Use of secret authentication information should be allowed for users to follow the organization’s practices. Implementation Guidance- It is recommended that all users: maintain confidential information on secure authentication to ensure that it is not leaked to the other parties, including people of authority; Avoid maintaining a record of …

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Overview of Network Security Objectives

Overview of Network Security Objectives this blog is based on Understanding Network and Information Security with it’s objective Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability etc. Understanding Network and information Security Basics Security is very important, and therefore the lack of it risks financial, legal, political, and PR implications. This section covers a number of the concepts, terms, and methodologies employed in preparing for and dealing with secure networks. Network Security Objectives When considering networks, you’ll view them …

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Frameworks of Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence Frameworks  Frameworks of threat intelligence provide detailed intelligence reports that can be customized by the organization. organizations are facing many challenges in converting the raw Frameworks of threat intelligence data into meaningful contextual information. This is due to the noise obtained from misrepresentation of data from huge data collections. This data must be cleansed before performing data analysis using techniques such as data reduction, data filtering, and data aggregation. To overcome these problems, …

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Definition of Intelligence and Its Essential Terminology

Intelligence is a process t hat utilizes information to analyze and respond to emerging requirements of an organization. It is an ability to obtain, adapt, alter, extend, and use t he information to solve various organizational problems. Intelligence provides solutions to resolve issues arising during unpredictable circumstances in an organization. It is t he output obtained from analysis of information. In this process, intelligence converts “what” and “how” of t he information into “why” and …

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Top vulnerability scanning tools

Scanning tools scan and establish live hosts, open ports, running services on a target network, location-info, Net Bios info and information about all TCP/IP, UDP open ports. data obtained from these scanning tools Scan assist Associate in Nursing moral hacker in making the profile of the target organization and to scan the network for open ports of the devices connected. Scanning ToolsNetScan Tools professional Net scanning tools professional is associate investigation tool that enables you …

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Essential Terminology in Cyber security

Here are some terms and their definition, you must know before you start studying ethical hacking. As cyber security technology grows and expands, so does the vocabulary associated with it. Hack Value: It is the notion among hackers that one thing is price doing or is interesting. Hack value will be a playful disruption. It’s additionally maintenance for the imagination, surprise the far side tedium of living in a client, dominated culture. It crossovers between …

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